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Valerie Gattis

Coach Valerie Ellsworth Gattis is the Owner and Head Endurance Coach of Victory's Edge Triathlon Coaching. She is a USAT Certified Level II coach.

Professional Affiliations
2003-2004 President, USA Triathlon Board of Directors
2002-Present USA Triathlon (USAT) Board of Directors
2001-Present USA Delegate to ITU (International Triathlon Union) Women’s Commission
2000-Present International Association of Women Aviators
2002-Present Zonta International Organization
1998-2002 USAT Age Group Commission (AGC), CHAIR 1999-2001
1997-Present USAT Mideast Regional Federation, Board Member
1997-2001 Judy Flannery Memorial Fund, Board Member
1996-2002 USAT Women’s Commission (W/C), CHAIR (01/01-Present)

Athletic Accomplishments
2002 1st Place Women’s Team, RAAM (Race Across America)
1999 1st Place ITU Triathlon Worlds, Sater, Sweden (45-49)
1998 2nd Place Nike’s Masters World Games Portland, Oregon (45-49)
1997 1st Place Women’s Team, RAAM (Race Across America)
1996 6th Place ITU Duathlon Worlds Ferrara, Italy (45-49)
1996 USAT All American, Triathlon and Duathlon Teams
1986, 1987, 1988, 1993, 1994 Ironman World Championship Triathlon Kona, Hawaii

“As a coach, I find I’m now concentrating as much on the mechanics of my athletes as I do on their psyches. In the past, I was limited to observation to study physical efficiency – specifically gait analysis which impacts form and efficiency in a runner and can have impact in other areas as well, injury prevention being at the top of the list.

Last year I began to look more closely at how I might add gait analysis to my coaching and became interested in RPM2 and their pressure-sensitive insoles as an affordable and extremely effective device for precise measurement. I had a specific athlete in mind – Lillian “Kinnie” Pruden - who I knew could be a top-performing triathlete but who had a series of injuries that led me to believe that her mechanics needed analysis and improvement.

I purchased the RPM2 insoles in July 2015, did some initial testing on myself and my husband, an avid cyclist, to establish some benchmarking. In February 2016, I took the insoles and tested Kinnie for some initial range-of-motion diagnostics. The effect was immediate. Her ankle flexion was “0” on both feet and she suffered attendant hip flexor issues and taut hamstring muscles.

Clearly she needed physical therapy and we now had the information needed for a rigorous and focused PT regimen. She started physical therapy with Abigail Douek at Impact Orthopaedics that month and saw improvements soon thereafter.

Kinnie continued to show greater range of motion that impacted her running, cycling, and swimming. In swimming, she had been limited in her stroke due to the absence of ankle flexion, and since has improved from 1:43/100 yard to averaging 1:39/100 yard in practice. The use of proper mechanics also increased her running efficiency and economy – a key element of the long distance triathlete. From a “competitive” age group triathlete, Kinnie has now become a dominant competitor.

Since working with the RPM2 analyses and subsequently physical therapy, Kinnie raced a PR (personal record) and won 1st place in her age group at 2016 White Lake International Triathlon in May.
I’m convinced that all my athletes will benefit from RPM2 as an effective alternative to expensive diagnostics and will help identify mechanical issues that may lead injury prevention, with appropriate therapy and training, rather than waiting until after the fact. Just as important, learning how to be a more efficient athlete will have an impact on their performance and that, in turn, positively reinforces the athletic experience.” - Valerie Gattis

Lesley Paterson

Lesley Paterson is a two-time XTERRA World Champion, ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion, 70.3 Champion, and professional mountain biker.

“With their pioneering footbed system and simple to use mobile app, it’s now possible to collect and analyze data in real-time on bilateral power, force and pressure during running and cycling at your fingertips. For the first time, I’m able to quantify precisely how coached changes in an athlete’s form and technique are impacting critical elements of their efficiency and economy.” – Lesley Paterson

Dotsie Bausch

Dotsie Bausch is an Olympian and silver medalist from the London 2012 Olympic Games, a 7-time U.S. National Champion, former World Record Holder and a 2x Pan American gold medal winner.

"RPM² is revolutionizing the way we measure power in cycling. The footbed inserts are light weight, easy to use, precise and even provide left/right balance information, which no other power meter does on the market today. RPM² is ahead of the game in their vision for the future of where power meters are headed and the incredible low price sets RPM² even further ahead of their competition." – Dotsie Bausch

Michael Johnson Performance Training Staff

Lance Walker

With over 20 years of performance training experience spanning all levels of competition across 31 different sport disciplines, Lance is currently the Global Director of Performance at Michael Johnson Performance. Based in McKinney Texas, he directs global operations for the company in the USA, as well as locations in China and England. He is also responsible for ensuring product development and implementation for MJP licensed facilities, the first of which being SPIRE Academy in Ohio, which opened in 2010. Prior to coming to MJP in 2007, he served as Director of Performance Training at Integrated Athletic Development responsible for the training and/or physical rehabilitation needs of over 150 active professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, CBA, and CFL.

Combining his sports medicine and the rehab sciences background with over 20 years of performance training experience, Lance specializes in the return-to-sport phases of rehabilitation, preventative training prescription, and spine stabilization progressions. He currently works closely with the Dallas Stars and FC Dallas in seasonal player evaluations and corrective exercise prescriptions and lectures internationally on topics such as spine safety in strength training, biomechanics of human performance, and youth training systems for long-term athletic development.

Bryan McCall

Bryan McCall is a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach with Distinction (RSCC*D) which is the highest level of certification offered to strength coaches and inclusion is by recommendation only. He has completed the Michael Johnson Performance Center (MJPC) Mentorship Program under the leadership of Director Lance Walker which qualifies him to oversee the 2nd Michael Johnson Performance Center in the world. Bryan recently worked as the Director of Performance for SPIRE-MJP which is an authorized United States Olympic Training Center located in Geneva, Ohio. SPIRE institute is an academy level training center that offers 750,000 sq/ft of world-class training that offers a complete array of recreation, competitive and Olympic level training programs. Bryan holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at Arlington and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association since 1999 and is Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association. He worked at both SMU and Florida State as an assistant strength coach, took graduate level Sports Management courses at Florida State and has a decade of experience at the director level for sport performance facilities. Bryan has been a performance training coach for a total of 15 years. He is currently a member of the Cooper Clinic advisory board, NSCA-Ohio advisory board and a member of the Nike SPARQ performance network.

Brian Abadie

Brian is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and a Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM). Prior to joining MJP, Brian served as a Performance Coach and the Director of Basketball training at Accelerated Performance Enhancement Center (APEC). At APEC, he implemented and helped design training programs for all athletes. While at APEC, Brian was also active in training and implementing workouts for the Trinity Valley Community College women's basketball team in Athens, TX. Brian spent one year at Montana State University where he started his Master's degree in Health and Human Development. He spent time working in the Montana State athletic weight room where he assisted with all sports, as well as individual skills work with the basketball team. Brian received his undergraduate degree in Communications from Texas Christian University, where he was also a part of the TCU men's basketball team for a year and a half. Brian works exclusively with the NFL Combine athletes in the winter months, and has produced some of the fastest tested athletes ever to run in Indianapolis.

Lucas Odegard

Lucas is from Sauk Centre, MN and attended North Dakota State University. Lucas received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Lucas has worked in the personal training, strength & conditioning field, but found his passion with Michael Johnson Performance as he completed his internship with MJP-SPIRE in December 2012, followed with his Externship at MJP-Dallas in March of 2013 where he worked with our 2013 NFL combine class. Lucas is our Education Coordinator/Performance Specialist.

Lindsey Andersen

Lindsey brings a wealth of strength and conditioning experience in working with youth and professional athletes. Prior to joining MJP, Lindsey served as Director of Sports Performance for Physiotherapy Associates, bridging the gap between physical therapy and performance. Lindsey was a Division I college athlete in track and field while attending Iowa State. She is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and has worked with a variety of athletes in helping them reach their performance goals.

"It is no secret to the performance training and sports medicine world that kinetic and kinematic asymmetries can limit performance and increase injury risk to athletes of any age/any sport/any level. With RPM², we can now create a true 'athlete dashboard' to make real-time adjustments during training and long-term tracking of effectual performance changes, providing ANY athlete with the feedback and tracking that was once afforded only the most elite athlete and supporting sports science teams." – Michael Johnson Performance Training Staff

Mark Maclachlan

Bio: I have been in love with the sport of Triathlon since 2006 when I signed up to do my first Ironman.
My triathlon career started on a promising note as I earned a trip to the Hawaii Ironman World Championships and the 70.3 World Championships in successive years. I earned the distinction of Triathlon All American from USAT several times and I thought that with a little more development, I might have a chance to race as a professional. That all went south when I found out that what I thought was a hip injury was actually severe arthritis from a congenital hip issue.  I had my hip replaced in Oct of 2011 and have slowly spent the time since then returning to the sport I love.
One of the reasons I am so interested in the RPM² insert is that as a cyborg, I have one surgically altered side and one natural side and my body is not balanced. I think that RPM² will allow me to balance my body and achieve the best results possible both in sport and in life as I learn to live with my artificial hip.

"I ordered a pair of RPM² inserts because as a triathlete I believe RPM² will not only enhance the way I train, but will also help me achieve symmetry in my legs. Upon receipt of the inserts, the CEO reached out to me simply to see how I am doing as a new customer. I provided him with a few ideas to enhance RPM²'s running exercises. He liked and accepted the ideas and is putting them in the next update to the app which they expect to release in early October. I appreciate a company that listens to their customers and believe this will set the makers of RPM² apart from the competition." – Mark Maclachlan

Mike Fussell

1977 – 1979 University of Georgia Athens, GA
Captain – ’78 Cross Country; ’79 Indoor Track; ’79 Outdoor Track
5 School records (Indoor Mile; Outdoor Mile; 1500m; Distance Medley; 4-mile Relay)
USTFF Indoor All-American (Mile); 2nd at USTFF Indoor National Championships (Mile)
1976 – 1977 Hagerstown Jr. College Hagerstown, MD
6 School records (Indoor & Outdoor Mile; Distance medley; 4-mile Relay; 4 x 800 Relay)
1977 NJCAA National Champion 1500m
3 All-American Awards (1976 & 1977)

2015 XTERRA Trail ½ Marathon World Championships Honolulu, HI
5th Place – Age Group 55-59
2015 XTERRA Trail ½ Marathon U.S. Championships Ogden, UT
2nd Place – Age Group 55-59
2014 RRCA Southern Region 10K Champion
2013 USATF National Track & Field Championships Kansas City, KS
1st Place – Age Group 55-59 3000m Steeplechase
2011 Huntsman Senior Masters Track & Field World Championships St. George, UT
1st Place – Age Group 50-54 3000m Gold Medal
2009 World Masters Association North American, Central American, Orlando, FL
Caribbean Region Championships
1st Place – Age Group 45-49 3000m Steeplechase Gold Medal
2nd Place – Age Group 45-49 1500m Silver Medal
2008 USATF National Track & Field Championships Orono, ME
1st Place – Age Group 45-49 3000m Steeplechase

½ Marathon 1:08:48
10 Miles 51:44
10,000m 40:45
8,000m 24:02
5,000m 14:46
1500m 3:45:48
800m 1:52:0

West Forsyth High School (2007-2009) Cumming, GA
South Forsyth High School (2000 -2006)
21 Athletes earned NCAA Track/Cross Country Scholarships

“There are some obvious nice things that us middle distance / long distance runners and coaches can use:
1.  Identifying standing weight distribution between Left vs. Right Legs as well as standing Front vs. Back are the first tier tests to design corrective actions to minimize injury risk and improve efficiency.
2.  Identify the onset of fatigue during long slow training, tempo running, intervals, and repetition training methods to, again, minimize injury risk, improve efficiency, and individualize workout patterns.
3.  Measure power generation at take-off to create the most efficient stride.
4.  Measure weight distribution during curve running to coach the best form, which results in the fastest time.
I believe the RPM² can add information for the athlete and coach to positively affect performance through better training.  It does not remove the coach, rather it adds objectivity to a lot of the subjectivity that many good coaches possess.  I think it will elevate less knowledgeable coaches while elevating highly knowledgeable coaches even more.” – Mike Fussell

Kirsten Sass

May 11, 2014 - Gulf Coast 1/2 Ironman - 1st Female
May 24, 2014 - Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon - 1st Female
May 25, 2014 - Memphis in May Olympic Distance Tri - 1st Female
June 22, 2014 - Best of the US Triathlon - 3rd Female
June 28 2014 - Chicago Olympic Distance Triathlon - 2nd overall amateur Female
July 19, 2014 - Duathlon National Championships - 1st Female
July 27 2014 - Music City Triathlon - 1st Female
August 9, 2014 - Olympic Distance Nationals - 3rd Age Group Female
August 10, 2014 - Sprint Distance Nationals - 1st Age Group Female
August 24, 2014 - Ironman Louisville - 1st Age Group Female
August 31 2014 - Hy-Vee 5150 Elite Championship - 5th place amateur Elite female
Sept 28, 2014 - Ironman Chattanooga - 4th place age group female
October 11, 2014 - Ironman Hawaii - 18th place age group female

"My name is Kirsten Sass and I consider myself a competitive age group triathlete. 
I have been using the RPM² inserts for running and cycling and am amazed at the amount of information they collect.  The feedback is incredible for gait analysis in running and power in cycling. I am hoping to use these on a regular basis and improve power and speed for both cycling and running - in addition to creating better output balance in general. I think these have amazing potential for any athlete!" – Kirsten Sass

Heather Lendway

National Champion – USAT Olympic Distance National Championships, Female Overall Champion
USAT Olympic Distance National Championship Record Race Time
USAT Female Triathlete of the Year Honorable Mention
Minnesota Triathlete of the Year
Minnesota Performance of the Year – USAT Nationals Race
Minnesota Most Improved Triathlete
Team Minnesota

2014 Results:
Chain of Lakes Tri, Alexandria MN, 1st  (Course Record by 4:26)
Blaine Tri, Blaine MN, 1st 
Pigman Tri, Cedar Rapids IA , 1st Overall with Equalizer (Course Record by 1:46, Equalizer time 7:42)
Trinona, Winona MN, 1st  (Course Record by 4:45)
King of the Bluff, Race within the race, 1st 
Lake Minnetonka Tri, Excelsior MN, 1st  (Course Record by 5:18)
Lifetime Tri, Minneapolis MN, 1st  (Course Record by 4:31)
Chisago Lakes Tri, Chisago City MN, 1st  (Course Record by 6:23, 1:45 under the Course Record set by a Pro.)
USAT Olympic-Distance Age Group National Championships, Milwaukee WI, 1st National Championship Women’s Olympic Distance (record race time of 2:05:07)
Detroit Triathlon Draft Legal Elite Development Race, Detroit, MI, 2nd 
YWCA Women’s Triathlon, Minneapolis, MN, 1st  (Course Record by 4:09)
ITU Olympic-Distance Age Group World Championship, Edmonton, Canada, 1st (Overall Women’s World Champion)
Square Lake, Stillwater, MN, 1st  (Course Record by 2:21)
One Last Tri, White Bear Lake, MN, 1st 

"I think the inserts will be useful to see if there are major differences between what my left leg is doing vs. my right leg while cycling
and running" – Heather Lendway

Randall Pfaff

Randall is a recognized running expert and strength and conditioning specialist.
He is an instructor for all accredited training certifications (NSCA, ACSM, NASM, and ACE).
He is also owner and operator of Core Progression Training in Arvada Colorado.

"I have had the opportunity to have worked with some of the recognized running, sprinting, and cycling coaches in the world.
These coaches are passionate about their equipment and take pride in the devises they use to help their athletes perform at the highest level possible.
RPM² is one of these devises. RPM² has helped my athletes find weakness in their performance where otherwise would not have been found if not for the technology from the RPM² inserts.
I put my stamp of approval on this brand." – Randall Pfaff

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