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RedHub Partnership


RedHub Multisport is an importer into South Africa of a number of best of breed brands in cycling and multisport. RedHub has a retail division and distributes products across South Africa. It is a service-focused organization based in Johannesburg, and has cycling facilities and services available across the broad spectrum of the cycling community.

Key to the facilities available is the Thatch Café venue, some 25 kilometers outside the city, where families, enthusiasts and competitive sports people can make use of safe riding routes, MTB skill tracks, trails, BMX tracks, kiddie tracks, restaurants, a RedHub shop and game drives for families.

Strategic to RedHub is the RedHub Indoor Cycling & Conditioning Studios where “training with power” is followed routinely for each individual member. Training with power for runners and cyclists is still in its infancy, but is set to take the world by storm. In partnership with RPM², RedHubwill be the excluisive supplier of RPM² products to the South African market.

To get more information about RedHub, visit the RedHub website

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