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Alison Tetrick (USA)

Age: 30

Residence: Petaluma, CA

Alison Tetrick has been a professional cyclist for six years, which she pursued after playing NCAA collegiate tennis. Alison was born and raised on a cattle ranch in California and currently lives in Petaluma, California. Alison was introduced to bike racing by her grandfather, who is still an avid competitive cyclist and winning national championships at 84 years old. Alison has a B.S. in Biochemistry and a M.S. in Clinical Psychology. She is currently in a PhD program specializing in Neuropsychology. Alison is dedicated to investing in the sport of cycling and serves on the Board of Directors of USA Cycling and the Board of Advisers for the Women's Cycling Association. She works with Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer as a spokesperson and advocate for the resources available to those affected by cancer.

As a cyclist, Alison has shown her gifted time trialing and all-around capabilities and is a consistent valuable teammate and leader. Alison represented the USA at the Pan American Games and won the Merco Cycling Classic, Sea Otter Classic, and Valley of the Sun Stage Race. She has won stages at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, Cascade Cycling Classic, and Nature Valley Grand Prix. Alison won the sprinters jersey at Rhonde van Drenthe World Cup, and multiple jerseys at the Ladies Tour of Holland. She placed 2nd at Chrono des Nations in 2012, 2013, and 2014. She is a bronze medalist in the 2014 Team Time Trial World Championships and is the 2015 USA National Team Time Trial champion. In 2015, she won stages at the Tour de Feminino de San Luis and the Ladies BeNe Tour.

Get to know Alison:

How Ali first got into cycling: It took a little nudging from my 17x national champion grandpa, Paul Tetrick, who is 84 and still racing, to try cycling! I was 23 years old when I attempted my first bike race, and once I learned how to clip-in and not fall over, I thought I better keep going!

Sports or clubs she participated in before cycling: I grew up on a cattle ranch in California, so I learned how to ride a horse long before getting on two wheels. I attended college on a tennis scholarship and played NCAA tennis as an All-American Scholar-Athlete. After tennis, I kept running, and that transitioned into triathlons to keep up my competitive edge. It wasn't long after competing is some triathlons that I put away my goggles and running shoes to just stay on the bike.

What Ali is passionate about off the bike: Life is about passion and making a difference. I work with Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer, which is a national initiative to raise awareness about free resources to those affected by cancer. I love how cycling can bring together a community that unites for a good cause. Life then becomes what you can do for others when on and off the bike. If I can encourage more people to be active outside, on their bikes or feet, it is a good day. I am also working in graduate school on head injuries and the important precautionary measures that should be addressed. There is so much time off the bike to do great things, and the time on the bike counts too!

Favorite way to spend downtime: Any time spent with the cat is a good time, until you pet her stomach one too many times. I also love to color-coordinate my closet. When I am not being that exciting, any time with my family is very special to me. I love constantly learning and growing while also wishing I had super powers.

One of Ali’s best memories of her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: There are these moments of complete calm and appreciation for where you are and what you are doing. Cycling teams become like families. Through the tough, hungry, tired times and the more jubilant moments shared, we are woven into this beautiful fabric of like-minded individuals chasing our dreams. I look back at these moments where I was able to share a common goal and breathe the same air as some of the most incredible athletes and people I have ever met. You almost treasure the times even more since you will not be able to replace them.

One thing Ali loves about our sport, and one thing she'd love to see change for the better: I love the transportation that a bicycle allows. You can take your bike anywhere from oysters on the bay to the vineyards in the hills. It becomes a necessary adventure tool and you can learn more about yourself and the world we live in via the bike. I would love for the sport to continue to grow with opportunity and became a feasible sport to enter for all ages and demographics. It doesn't have to be about racing, the bike just becomes a part of life. Adventure time!

Follow Alison on social media: Twitter/Instagram: @AMTetrick, Facebook: Alison M. Tetrick Website

Doris Schweizer (SUI)

Age: 26

Residence: Hägendorf, Switzerland

Doris Schweizer is the reigning Swiss National Time Trial Champion, and one of her biggest achievements to date was winning the Bronze Medal at World Championships TTT last year in Richmond, Va. Doris also won a stage at Tour de Bretagne and has several Top 10 results in stage races and one-day races. Proving she is a top contender in both the TT and road events, Doris’s all-around skills won her the Swiss National Road Championship title in 2013. Her biggest goal for 2016 is a top finish at the Giro Rosa, as well as to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio— a dream since she started cycling as a teenager. She turned professional in 2012.

Before Doris got into cycling, she played basketball and the saxophone and completed her 1st year of university where she studies Philosophy. When she`s not riding her bike, she likes to study languages, travel, draw and spend time with fiends. She also has a twin sister.

Get to know Doris:

Doris’s strengths/disciplines: Long climbs & the big tours. I am also a good time trialer and I`d say I`m a good support rider as well.

How she got into cycling: I watched the Tour de France on TV with my father during holiday and that`s how all started. I was totally impassioned by cycling and wanted to try this sport. When I was 16, I got my first steel road bike and two weeks later I participated in my first race.

Other sports and clubs Doris played: I tried a lot of sports. I played basketball for the high school team and competed in the national high school cup. When I was younger I tried badminton, horseback riding and running.

What Doris is passionate about off the bike: I grew up in a family of musicians and played saxophone for many years; music is my second passion. I also love drawing and every kind of art.

Favorite way to spend downtime: I love to explore new countries and cultures. Especially South & Central America.

One of Doris’s best memories during her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: All the lovely people I met when I was racing on an Italian Team, I still have a “second family“ there and many good friends! I still feel a little bit Italian.

One thing Doris loves about our sport: I love the passion from all the soigneurs and their immense effort they put in for the riders. I haven`t seen this in any other sport!

One thing Shelley would love to see change for the better: I`d like to see bigger events for women’s racing on our calendar, like Amstel Gold Race, Milan-San Remo or a big Tour in France. I hope this will happen. Step by step, things are changing for the better with the new Women’s World Tour calendar. Follow Doris on Twitter: @DorisSchweizer

Erica Zaveta (USA)

Age: 27

Residence: Brevard, North Carolina

Erica is a 5x U.S. Collegiate Champion in mountain bike and cyclocross, who obtained her B.A. of Exercise Science (English Minor) from Brevard College. In 2015 she raced for the U.S. based UCI team BMW/Happy Tooth Dental and showed her skills as an all-arounder and domestique. Off the bike, she works as a cycling coach for Sigma. Currently on the road for the UCI cyclocross calendar, Cylance is looking forward to showcasing Erica’s strengths on the road in 2016.

Get to know Erica:

Erica’s cycling strength/discipline: I am an all-arounder on the road. I am also a good bike handler from my past as a cross country mountain bike racer and current cyclocross racer.

How she first got into cycling: I have ridden mountain bikes with my dad since I was really little. He bought me a road bike from a local bike shop when I was 15, and then I started riding group rides and then shortly after, I started racing.

Sports or clubs Erica participated in before cycling: I always was running! I ran in middle school and some of high school. Track and cross country.

What Erica is passionate about off the bike: It isn’t just one thing. I am passionate about learning/doing lots of new things. Drawing, playing piano, gardening, all sorts of things.

Favorite way to spend downtime: I love to spend time outside! Anything, really. Hiking or just being in the sun and nature.

One of Erica’s best memories during her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: There are a lot! So many of these memories are about the people. In cycling, you meet so many different teammates, host families, staff, people in the industry, there are just so many memories with the people in cycling who become like a family!

One thing Erica loves about our sport, and one thing she'd love to see change for the better: I love how so many different types of athletes can be part of cycling. How it can change your life. I would like to see cycling change in that it might be more stable in terms of financial support for teams and riders.

Follow Erica on Twitter: @EricaZaveta

Kathryn Bertine (SKN)

Age: 40

Residence: Tucson, Arizona

As a fifth-year pro cyclist, Kathryn Bertine wears a few different hats both on and off the bike. She is a writer, athlete, activist and documentary filmmaker. A native of Bronxville, NY, Kathryn lives and trains in Tucson, AZ. She holds a BA from Colgate University and an MFA from the University of Arizona.

Athletics have been a constant in Kathryn’s life since childhood. She is a former Division I rower for Colgate University, a pro figure skater, and pro triathlete–-which eventually lead to the beginning of her road cycling career in 2007. Starting “late” at age 31, Kathryn was motivated to prove that “older” athletes could still dream big and race professionally. She signed her first pro contract at age 36, and has raced professionally for the past five seasons (Colavita, Wiggle-Honda, BMW/HappyTooth and now Cylance Pro Cycling. 2016 will be her final season before retiring. She is thrilled to spend her final year with Cylance.)

Kathryn is a dual citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, where she is a 6x national champion in the time trial and road race. She is also a 3x Caribbean Champion in the time trial, and has amassed ten top-20 ICI finishes in her career. When not racing, she is a journalist and author of three memoirs (All The Sundays Yet to Come, As Good As Gold, and The Road Less Taken), and a former columnist for ESPN and espnW, where she also worked as senior editor. As an advocate for equality in women’s sports, Bertine started the social activism movement Le Tour Entier in an effort to bring parity to women’s professional road cycling, starting with the Tour de France. The inception of the 2014 La Course by Tour de France was the result of her activism, and Le Tour Entier continues to push for equality in cycling. Her film, HALF THE ROAD: The passion, pitfalls and power of women’s professional cycling is the first documentary to tell the story of women’s pro cycling.

Get to know Kathryn:

Kathryn’s cycling strength/discipline: Time trial, domestiquing, attacking, hugging.

How she first got into cycling: Definitely an atypical start to cycling in that my opportunity came by way of a journalism assignment from ESPN. They wanted me to try to get to the Olympics in just two years. The short story is that I didn’t make it, but when the assignment ended I was so hooked on the sport that I made my own goals. I wanted to turn pro, so I dove into an unconventional life for most 30-year-olds and I went for it. I must have done something right because I’m 40 and still here.

Sports or clubs Kathryn participated in before cycling: As a kid, I was a figure skater and a runner. In college, I found rowing because my dad is a rower, and he suggested I give it a try. I loved it! But when I moved to Arizona for grad school, there was no water. Nor ice. So I got into triathlon, then segued into road cycling.

What Kathryn is passionate about off the bike: Equality and human rights. I am really passionate about driving change for women, not just in sport but all of society. We still live in a world where women make 77-cents on the dollar, and that has a trickle-down effect on so many other aspects of life… like professional sports, salaries, prize money, opportunities, you name it. I want to change these outdated philosophies toward women, and show people how we’re all capable of creating change.

Favorite way to spend downtime: Reading, hiking, seeing indie films. Also, alphabetizing my VHS collection, drinking prune juice, talking about the olden days, joking about being a 40 year old pro athlete…

One of Kathryn’s best memories during her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: My first race as a pro was Vuelta El Salvador. I still can’t decide if it was the most awesome or terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Racing in Central America is an eye-opening experience, and to have that 8-day, nine stage event be one of my first endeavors (complete with contenders like Marianne Vos) was something I’ll never forget. And of course the journey of making Half The Road. That was inspired by all the women and the situations of our sport. What I treasure most is the friendships formed along the way in cycling. This sport is so hard, it simply bonds people together for life. We have all laughed, cried and shared half-eaten food products with one another. I’m grateful for every memory.

One thing Kathryn loves about our sport, and one thing she'd love to see change for the better: I love the passion my competitors have for what we do. The days are so hard and the prizes are minimal and yet none of it stands in the way of these women giving everything they have for the love of sport. As for what we need to change… the minds of anyone who thinks we’re not just as capable as the men. The good news is, we’re doing just that. And Cylance is leading the way.

Follow Kathryn on social media:

Twitter: @kathrynbertine @halftheroad @letourentier.

Kristabel Doebel-Kickok (USA)

Age: 26

Residence: Marina del Rey, CA

Krista Doebel-Hickok signed her first pro contract to race with Team TIBCO in 2013. Before her cycling career, she raced Division I Cross Country and Track & Field at Vanderbilt University. After breaking the 10,000 meterschool record and graduating Summa Cum Laude in December 2011, Doebel-Hickok found her way into cycling.

Doebel-Hickok currently works for nuphoriq while she races in the U.S. and internationally. The 2015 season was a very exciting one for Doebel-Hickok who had her first taste of European racing. Guided by Coach Dean Golich of Carmichael Training Systems, Doebel-Hickok won Stage 5 of the Tour de Feminin and Stage 5 of the Tour Cycliste Feminin International Ardeche.

Get to know Krista, who goes by “Tink”:

Tink’s strength/discipline: Climbing

How she first got into cycling: When I graduated Vanderbilt in December 2011, I was 22 years old and cross-training on a spin bike. I decided riding outside might be more fun, so I got a road bike. I found a local club (Big Orange) and was racing by February 2012.

Sports or clubs Tink participated in before cycling: Cross-Country and Track & Field

Something you're passionate about off the bike: Bikes. It was horses, then running, now bikes.

Favorite way to spend downtime: Nap time!

One of her best memories of her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: All the workouts and races when I did something that, not long ago, I thought to be impossible.

One thing Tink loves about our sport, and one thing she'd love to see change for the better: All the support from the cycling community is tremendous, it's there for you through good and bad. It is great that the inequality between men's and women's professional cycling is closing, and I hope we keep making progress.

Follow Krista/Tink on Twitter: @KristabelDH

Rossella Ratto (ITA)

Age: 22

Residence: Bergamo, Italy

Rossella Ratto is an Italian rider who started to collect stellar results since joining the elite ranks in 2012, when she finished 6th at the Road World Championships in Limburg, Holland and won the bronze medal the following year at Road World Championships in Florence, Italy. 2014 and 2015, she won a stage in the Friends Life Women's Tour and the first edition of Giro dell'Emilia. She also finished 5th at the European Games in Baku (2015) and finished 3rd in general classification of Tour Féminin de l'Ardèche.

Coming from a cycling family, her brother Daniele is also a pro rider and her oldest brother, Enrico, raced professionally till 2011. She started riding a bike (“With no training wheels!”) when she was only three, and decided to make cycling her life after racing for the first time at age five. Young and hungry for victory, Rossella’s ambition and determination make her a powerhouse contender for 2016. Next year she has a dream of making the Olympic Games, and to show what she can achieve with the support of Cylance Pro Cycling. “I have a strong determination to always do my best for myself and for my whole team,” Rossella says.

Get to know Rossella:

Rosella’s cycling strength/discipline: Determination!

How she first got into cycling: I was only five when I fought to get in a mountain bike race. I really wanted to race and even if I was a year younger than all the others, I was allowed to race after crying to the organizer. My brothers were also racing there, and I just wanted to do the same as them and the pro riders that I used to follow on TV.

Sports or clubs Rossella participated in before cycling: I've tried a lot of sports; basketball, but I was the only girl, volleyball, skating, track and field. I won some swimming races in my province, but my shoulder were “overgrowing” and I didn't like it. What Rossella’s passionate about off the bike: Cooking, that's my life besides cycling.

Favorite way to spend downtime: I like to cook whatever is light or healthy and I also like having walks with my dogs, playing piano or painting my nails.

One of Rossella’s best pro cycling memories that had nothing to do with winning a race: That would be Fleche Wallone in 2012. It was my first World Cup, and I was still going to school so I couldn't train that much. My expectations were low, and I don't know how I stayed with the front group after the first Huy (notoriously steep climb) with only 30kms to go. From that moment, I decided to follow my idol, Marianne Vos, and I remember I was right on her wheel when she attacked on a climb in the last 5kms. I even didn't try to react for a while, because I was thinking about me being there when she was attacking. That was really amazing for me!

One thing Rossella loves about our sport: I love the fact that you have to go the extra mile to get your goal, and I mean that without sacrifice you will never get to the top. Every day is important and every moment in the race is important. You really have to look for perfection to get the win sometimes.

One thing she'd love to see change for the better about cycling: What I don't like is the people who don't respect the other riders or the sport--by doping.

Follow Rossella on her website:

Shelley Olds (USA)

Age: 35

Residence: Girona, Spain

Shelley Olds grew up in Groton, Massachusetts and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Roanoke College in Virginia where she served as the Captain of the Women’s Soccer Team for two consecutive years. She was named All-State, All-Region, and was nominated as an All-American. She was introduced to cycling by riding on the back of a mountain bike tandem in 2005. Since then she has become one of the highest ranked road and track cyclists in the World.

Shelley is noted for her sprinting abilities. Most recently, Shelley won the Madrid Challenge presented by the Vuelta Espana. She finished 6th at the 2014 UCI World Championships in Ponferrada, Spain. She won Stage 2 and finished 2nd overall in GC at the Tour of Norway, as well as a UCI 1.2 victory in the White Spot/Delta Road Race in Canada. In 2012, she won the UCI Road World Cup Event in China and a stage of the women’s Giro d’ Italia. She was the Pan-American Road Race Champion in 2010 and two-time National Criterium Champion, in 2010 and 2011. She is also a two-time National Scratch Race Champion on the track.

Shelley earned a spot on the USA Road Cycling Team for the London Olympic Games, in July of 2012. She finished 7th overall, unfortunately falling out of the winning breakaway after suffering a flat tire with 20km to go. You can read more about the Olympic Road Race on her website at Shelley will continue to race internationally, as she prepares for a second chance at a Gold Medal in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

Shelley’s current focus is on international road cycling in pursuit of her Olympic dreams. Shelley’s ultimate goal as a cyclist is to win a medal for her country at the Olympic Games.

Get to know Shelley:

Shelley’s strength/discipline: Sprinting and One-day Races

How she first got into cycling: Tandem Mountain biking in the Santa Cruz Mountains for fun!

Sports or clubs she participated in before cycling: Collegiate Soccer, Basketball, Running, Tennis.

What Shelley is passionate about off the bike: Animals, especially dogs.

Favorite way to spend downtime: With family.

One of Shelley’s best memories during her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: Taking a private chartered plane with 10 other riders from London to Germany for a race.

One thing Shelley loves about our sport: Traveling the world!

One thing Shelley would love to see change for the better: Equal salary and prize money for men and women.

Follow Shelley on her website and on twitter: and @ShelleyJOlds

Sheyla Gutierrez (ESP)

Age: 22

Residence: Logrono, Spain

Sheyla Gutierrez comes to cylance Pro Cycling as one of the youngest riders on the team. From La Rioja, Spain, Sheyla first got on a bike at the age of six and went on to win national titles as a junior rider. She has won three national titles at the U23 level, and placed 6th in the junior division of Road World Championships in Copenhagen (2011) and 7th in Limburg (2013).

She raced with UCI Lointek Team for the past three years. When not racing, Sheyla is a university student studying early childhood education and psychology. “I’m excited to race with Cylance and I’m going to work hard to achieve our maximum level, while improving my own abilities,” Sheyla says.

Get to know Sheyla:

Sheyla’s cycling strength/discipline: All-arounder

How she first got into cycling: I started at 6 years old, because all of my 4 brothers did cycling, and my favourite uncle managed the cycling school of my region. Although my mother was scared about my sport selection, I was sure cycling was what I wanted to do.

Sports or clubs Sheyla participated in before cycling: Lointek (Bizkaia)

What Sheyla is passionate about off the bike: Reading. Or going to the mountains and meeting up with friends.

Favorite way to spend downtime: Going the sea or playing with kids. It is fun to be crazy with kids!

One of Sheyla’s best memories of her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: A trip to Belgium training camp with my team where, apart from training, we played ping pong, dressed up, we danced...

One thing Sheyla loves about our sport, and one thing she'd love to see change for the better: The most impressive thing about racing is the maximum effort to achieve your goals, and one thing to improve is for society to believe in the capability of girls, so we can prove that girls merit the same treatment as guys.

Follow Sheyla on twitter: @Sheyarcoiris

Valentina Scandolara (ITA)

Age: 25

Residence: Tregnago, Italy

Valentina Scandolara is an Italian rider coming to Cylance Pro Cycling after two very successful seasons with ORICA-AIS. She is known for her fearless attacking style and sacrificing herself for the team. When given the chance, she is someone to watch for the win. For Scandolara, life before cycling included a mixture of different sports. She was a national champion runner and soccer player. She also enjoyed swimming and riding horses. After cycling, she will turn her attention back to her other love – a career in working with animals.

“Veterinary medicine has been my dream,” says Scandolara. “Right now, I am studying but not specific to veterinary medicine because that would require my presence at university. Instead, I’m studying prerequisites that don’t require me to be at school full-time: Sciences and technologies for breeding. I love animals. It is my other passion.”

Scandolara had a stellar 2015 season including wins at the Santos Women’s Tour and podium finishes at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Race, Drentse 8, SwissEver GP Gham-Hagendorn, Giro d’Italia, and the Ladies’ Tour of Norway.

Get to know Vale:

Vale’s cycling strength/discipline: All-rounder, I love when the race is hilly but climbs are not too long, and I am a good sprinter! I love to attack as well. I am excited when the race gets aggressive.

How she first got into cycling: I was 8, and I was a cross-country runner during the winter. One day I went with my dad to his job meeting, as mum was not home, and one of his colleagues saw me running and jumping all over the garden and introduced me to the president of what would be my first cycling team (Officine Alberti Val d'Illasi). I stayed with them for 11 years, won medals at Worlds, two European titles and 12 National Championships in their colors. I will always be so grateful for what they did for me!

Sports or clubs Vale participated in before cycling: Cross-country running, horseback riding, soccer.

What Vale is passionate about off the bike: Many things!!! I love animals and nature--mountains, lakes and forests amaze me. I love reading, I am very interested in meeting new people, to inspire and be inspired by them! I love to travel and getting to know new cultures, living with locals and learning from them. I love riding horses, motorbikes, bikes and to take long walks in nature all by myself. I love food, especially Italian food. I love my country but also so many other places on this planet... I'm basically curious about everything and I become passionate about anything I get to know better!!!!!!

Favorite way to spend downtime: Hanging out with family, friends and my dog Alvin. Walking in nature, riding my motorbike, reading, the list goes on.....

One of Vale’s best memories during her pro cycling career that had nothing to do with winning a race: I have heaps of good memories, and wins are good but they'll never equal the satisfaction and happiness that you can get when you help a teammate/friend of you in whatever they need, from a lead out to a nice word when needed.

One thing Vale loves about our sport, and one thing she'd love to see change for the better: Linked to the answer above, I love how cycling is an individual sport but you need a team to achieve your goals. I find that when a team works, it's like a family, and both the individuals and the group get stronger when people care about each other. As for what we need to improve, I would like to see more media coverage and therefore more fans and sponsor interested in what we have to offer: Too often I hear comments from people on the road that they didn't expect the women's races to be so exciting! People are enthusiastic about our races, but the media seems not to see this big opportunity. They need to build on it. More and more women are getting on bikes, and this is data, I'm not making it up: There's a huge growing market out there, women want to see what other women can do on a bike, be inspired by them, they want bikes made for women, same for the clothes... When will we give this half of the population the same rights and possibilities as the other half???

Follow Valentina on Instagram & Twitter: @ValeScandolara

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