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RPM² - Remote Performance Measurement and Monitoring


RPM² is the first footbed cycling and running power meter in the world designed to measure bi-lateral equivalence of the legs used to help correct mechanics and form for athletes, and proper mechanics increases performance and potentially reduces injury.

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RPM² (Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring) is a brand new technology – specifically engineered to enhance an athlete’s performance by providing data related to gait, range of motion, force, and power.

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Check out our blog to read the latest news regarding our company and affiliations, find useful information about our products, and gain a wealth of tips for maximizing your athletic performance.

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Allow us to introduce the coaches, athletes, teams, and other communities who are embracing RPM² and helping to make it the best performance measurement device on the market.

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Introducing the RPM² Power Meter

RPM² Footbed Power Meter

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RPM2 Footbeds: Frequently Asked Questions

RPM2 Footbeds: Frequently Asked Questions

RPM² boasts innovative and proprietary technology that helps athlete and coaches around the world monitor performance and measure power output. Since our products have revolutionized wearable technology in sports, many people have questions about how our products work along with queries regarding their usage. Following are a few of the most commonly asked questions about RPM² footbeds. Caring For and Using RPM² How long does it take to charge my footbeds? When a customer orders RPM², the system comes with a charging mat that plugs into a wall socket. Each insole takes about 60 minutes to become fully charged. How do I clean my footbeds? RPM² footbeds are not waterproof so they should never b..

RPM2 Testing Updates with Alison Tetrick

RPM2 Testing Updates with Alison Tetrick

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Cylance Pro Cycling’s team member Alison Tetrick has been performing tests with RPM² footbeds. Like the rest of the women’s team, Alison Tetrick has been using RPM² throughout her racing season to monitor power output and bilateral symmetry. When a discrepancy in her symmetry was noticed, she began a testing protocol with RPM² footbeds and range of motion exercises. She has previously made videos and shared her data with knee extension and hip flexion exercises. Recently, Alison took a closer look at standing force and how injuries affect bilateral symmetry. Standing Force and the Impact of Injuries on Symmetry Alison Tetrick is an accomplished and ren..


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