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Test Exercise Videos

Test Exercise Technique

To ensure accurate data each time you test with RPM², it is important that you perform the exercises using proper technique. Additionally, it is important that you perform the exercises the same way each time you test.

Exercise Tips

  • Prime your inserts first. Place the inserts into your shoes and perform a few simple exercises, such as normal stretching routines, walking, or calisthenics. This allows for “priming” of the pressure sensors and should only take a few minutes
  • It is best, but not necessary, to perform all range of motion and pressure exercises as a group
  • Exercise begins when the feet icon on top of the app turn red (Android) or yellow (iOS)
  • Always start in the neutral position (non-moving position) for 5 seconds
  • Hold times (movement position) are always 5 seconds
  • Maximum of 20 repetitions per limb is a complete set
  • You can complete all repetitions on one limb, then the move to the other limb, or you can alternate limbs with each repetition.
  • Both limbs must perform exercises for accurate bilateral data
  • Ankle should always be in a 90° (right angle). Do not point toes
  • When appropriate, knee should remain locked in a straight position
  • Use of mirrors to observe proper technique is recommended
  • View proper exercise technique on the app by clicking Video (Android ) or ? (iOS)

RPM² Demo:

Cycling Calibration:

Knee Extension:

Hip Flexion:

Hip Abduction:

Half Squat:

Toe Raise:

Standing Pressure:

Heel Raise:

Hip Extension:

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