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Power is key regardless if it's a speed or speed/endurance event. With RPM² you can now measure it, monitor it, and manage it like never before!

Over the last 20 years, bike power meters have revolutionized cycling and triathlon.

Since then, runners and triathletes have dreamt of finding their own Holy Grail, the running power meter that is lightweight, accurate and easy to use.

The running revolution has finally arrived with the new RPM² insole!

Michael Johnson

Part of the USA Olympic team in Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996, and Sydney in 2000. He established a record of 13 Olympic and World Championship gold medals during his 11-year career.

Michael broke world records in the 200 meter 400 meter and the 4 X 400-meter relay, and completed the historic 200/400-meter Olympic double in 1996, giving him the title of the "Fastest Man in the World."
"I believe in RPM² because it gives my coaches the objective data they need to improve performance."

Lesley Paterson

Two-time XTERRA World Champion, ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion, 70.3 Champion, and professional mountain biker.
"With pioneering footbed system and simple to use mobile app, it's now possible to collect and analyze data in real-time on bilateral power, force and pressure. For the first time, I'm able to quantify precisely how coached changes in an athlete's form and technique are impacting critical elements of their efficiency and economy."

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