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Product Disclaimer


The makers of RPM² are excited to provide customers with a tool that can support individual efforts in athletic training. The makers of RPM² do not make any claims for this product other than the ability of the tool to provide quicktime information regarding gait, pressure and range of motion for the athlete who is wearing the device. The makers of this tool do not make any claims regarding any other use for this device nor can the maker of this tool be held responsible for any injury incurred, either before, during or after use of the device. Furthermore, the makers of this device wish to strongly communicate to the end user that they share no liability in any information that is provided to the end user by a second or third party, i.e. coaching staff, personal trainers or physicians, etc, in the way of recommendations, diagnoses, rehabilitative protocols, etc. The device must serve only as a resource in terms of quick time information that can help the individual user evaluate their current athletic status in terms of gait, pressure and range of motion as well as to monitor progress of these parameters over time.

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