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RPM² System

We are pleased to bring you RPM² (Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring), which is brand new technology – specifically engineered to enhance an athlete’s performance!

RPM²’s technology measures bilateral equivalence and as we all know, athletes whose legs are bilaterally in sync are faster, stronger, and perform better at a higher level.

Our goal here at RPM² is to help you achieve your absolute best performance!

RPM²’s technology is a pair of inserts and a phone app that gives you the ability to measure bilateral equivalence, weight distribution and range of motion. You simply remove your current inserts and replace them with RPM² inserts for testing periods. RPM² does all the rest!

How do we do this? We begin by analyzing your range of motion, via five simple exercises which are ankle dorsiflexion, knee extension, hip flexion, hip extension, and half squat. You simply perform twenty repetitions with each leg. The RPM² system then shows detail reports as to how each leg moves. These reports are designed to help you develop strength and conditioning exercises to help you achieve bilateral equivalence and higher performance.

Next, the RPM² system performs a running gait analysis. The RPM² system monitors five ten second snip-its throughout the run. This provides a beginning run gait analysis, 3 separate mid run gait analysis’, and an end run gait analysis. Specifically, this measures step time, cadence, pace, and pressure throughout the run helping to determine how running mechanics are either holding up or breaking down or at which point break down occurs; thus, effecting the ability to achieve performance.

Additionally, the RPM² Triathlete system has the added feature for cycling. The RPM² Triathlete system monitors five ten second snip-its throughout a ride. This provides a beginning left to right leg pressure cycling analysis, 3 separate mid left to right leg pressure cycling analysis’, and an end left to right leg pressure cycling analysis. It also measure pronation or supination of each foot on the pedal.

A unique feature on both of the RPM² app is that it can also be linked to your coach. So every time you perform exercises, a running gait analysis, or a cycling analysis, your data will automatically be sent to your coach. This now provides for a better coaching session based on actual data. Whether you manage your own data or choose to work with a coach, RPM² will make you a better, faster and stronger athlete.

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