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Frequently Asked Questions

Are insoles waterproof?


How long does it take to charge?

1 hour per insert

How long does the charge last?

Approximately 30 hours in idlemode. At full charge, each insert lasts about 6 hours at the highest energy output (biking and running).

What is the warranty?

2 year replacement

How accurate is it?

Range of motion has been validated to less then 1° compared to calibrated swing arms. Force distribution per sensor is accurate to within 1 lb compared to calibrated load cells. Casual cycling power is comparable to other marketed power meters and data comparing to ALL power meters is expected to publish by July. Runing power has been validated by leading experts as there are no remote platforms in which to compare. Gait measurements are accurate to within 10-20 milliseconds of the Vicon System and Pedar insoles relative calibrated treadmills.

Can personal training data be loaded to Training Peaks?

Yes, via the drop down window directly on the app.

Is it ANT+ compatible?

Yes and there are two current options: User can view ANT+ device in conjunction with Smart Device so data is visible on both simoultaneously, User can have Smart Device on person and only view data on ANT+ device. Note: Release or 3rd option FREE to current users where inserts broadcast directly to ANT+ device should be available in 3Q16 or 4Q16.

RPM² ANT+ for Android guide click HereRPM² ANT+ for iOS guide click Here

How long will inserts last?

All component specifications are designed to last for 1.2M to 2.0M strikes. Insoles only lose 3% of memory over lifetime.

How does price compare to other power meters?

With RPM², the purchaser actually receives two power meters (running and cycling) for $499. Cycling power meters range from $750 to $4,000.

How does cost compare to traditional gait analysis?

Traditional gait analysis is performed in a clinic setting and ranges from $500 to $1,500 for one session.

Are all data in real time?

Range of motion, force distrubution, running power, and cycling power are in realtime. Remote running and cycling, as well as gait analysis show data after the event is performed.

How do you handle firmware updates and software updates?

Firmware updates are sent to customer wirelessly and are FREE. Software updates (app) are placed on the store and are FREE to customers.

Are there retail opportunities?

Yes, inquire: Here

Does it come with it's own charger?

Yes and the charger is QI compatible and may also charge your cell phone.

How do I clean them?

Do not submerge in water. Use damp rag with alcohol or disinfectant soap. Do not saturate the material.

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