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Michael Johnson Performance Partnership

RPM² has established a partnership with Olympic champion and world record holder, Michael Johnson, and his athletic training organization, Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., to continue to enhance the functionality of the device. RPM² was developed to enhance athletic performance by objectively identifying deficiencies in athletes’ gait, range of motion, pressure, power and cycling mechanics.

RPM² is excited to be working with Michael Johnson, and Michael Johnson Performance, in offering this unique device to athletes. Known as the “fastest man in the world,” During his 11-year career, Michael established a record of 13 Olympic and World Championship gold medals. He represented the U.S. in the Olympics on three occasions: Barcelona in 1992, winning gold in the 4 X 400-meter relay; Atlanta in 1996, winning gold at 200 meters and 400 meters; and Sydney in 2000, winning gold again at 400 meters. After retiring in 2001, Michael founded Michael Johnson Performance, a global athletic training organization dedicated to helping athletes achieve their full athletic potential. MJP is recognized as a world leader in the development and improvement of athleticism of athletes of all sports, ages, and abilities from youth athletes to some of the most recognized professional athletes in the world.


“We tested RPM² on a number of our team’s professional coaches and believe this system will provide us with valuable feedback when monitoring our clients’ performances. Our coaches are well trained in helping athletes improve their skills; however, we’re now able to more objectively observe the mechanics involved in our clients’ movements to enhance their abilities and avoid injury. RPM² will be used as a regular part of our athletes’ training. Having competed professionally, I can personally attest to the importance of ensuring bilateral equivalence for optimal performance.” – Michael Johnson, Olympic Champion

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RPM² and Michael Johnson Performance team up with the Brazilian Paralympic Team

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